Monday, February 19, 2007
best friend, I'll see you in the end, broken for awhile but maybe we can bend:
After days of error messages, I've finally managed to set up my online home at the newest social-network phenomenon: John McCain's McCainSpace. I can be found at Won't you be my McCainSpace friend?
--Spencer Ackerman
Dear Neil,

Thank you for joining my McCainSpace team at!

Your support will help me continue to build my team and, more importantly, give Senator McCain the grassroots organization he needs while he explores a campaign for President of the United States. I am proud to be supporting John McCain and I am grateful that you have joined my team in particular, but more importantly that you have joined our nationwide grassroots team to support Senator McCain!


Spencer Ackerman

You're welcome!
Blogger neil | 7:30 AM

Oh man, they rejected my attempt to create!
Blogger neil | 10:04 AM

... but was approved and is now live!
Blogger neil | 7:18 AM