Tuesday, February 20, 2007
and she feeling around for them pills:
Trillest post of the day goes to Sahar, a correspondent for McClatchy in Baghdad:

I know it is all about the oil. I know that those who thought to use the greed of US politicians to remove one rotten tyrant and impose the will of tens of others upon the people of Iraq, had oil in mind as payment for the services rendered by the US Administration.

I mean, it wasn't all about oil, but believe me, the post only gets triller from there. The guy has lost his son, his brother and his nephew.
--Spencer Ackerman
But wasn't it, in the end, all about the oil? Perhaps there were other proximate causes of the war, but it seems that the efficient cause was the mindset that, in order for the U.S. to extend its current global position into the future, it needs to establish bases and pro-U.S. governments in the middle east. But for the oil, we wouldn't be there.
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