Wednesday, February 28, 2007
all my friends think they can make it by just being in a band:
New BloggingHeads out. Me vs. my main man Eli Lake. I'm particularly inarticulate in this go-round, which I'll chalk up to the fact that I had to take care of my taxes right beforehand. Let this be a lesson: don't diavlog after learning how much you owe the IRS.
--Spencer Ackerman
You people are actually impressed by things like the Peter Beinart apology.
Did you read it?
"But I haven't seen him, or read anything he's said or written, in several years. He's living, and suffering, with the consequences of this war, I suppose. And so are we."
To quote Tonto, "Who's WE, white man?"
Blogger joedokes | 7:25 AM

More like American soldiers and Iraqi civilians are suffering with the consequences --- though fewer of each daily, as they seem to be dying at rates that are positively unseemly.

Beinart's career, on the other hand, is prospering like never before.
Blogger Tequila | 8:25 AM

32:00+ is awesome. Also, did you age 13 years between the previous dialogue and this one?
Blogger Jacob | 4:10 PM

Don't worry; you don't look too bad as long as you're sitting next to angry Wally Shawn.
Blogger Matt | 4:31 PM