Monday, January 22, 2007
every gimmick-hungry yob digging gold from rock and roll:
First an old friend mails me sweets, and now Julien Temple makes a documentary about Joe Strummer. I hope it'll be better than Dick Rude's passable film about Joe and the Mescaleros. (No real beef with the film per se, but I happened to see it screened at the Tribeca Film Festival a number of years ago, and Rude revealed himself during a subsequent Q & A to be a massive douchebag.) As someone who obsessively purchases Clash bootleg LPs and DVDs, to see Temple take on Strummer will be sublime -- Temple, after all, got Johnny Rotten to cry on camera.
--Spencer Ackerman
Good. I thought Westway to the World was a letdown - he/they deserve better and Temple just might be the man to pull it off.
Blogger shingles | 9:44 PM

I saw the mick-jones-less version of the clash at the smith center They were pretty sweet, but it always had an asterisk in my mind because of the lack of Mick Jones. After Strummer's death, that version of the clash is back in the cannon . Turns out I saw the clash after all.

We drove back to baltimore and dropped two of my friends off to see the end of a black flag show for an impressive two-city punk-rock doubleheader.
Blogger joeo | 3:54 PM

Joeo, you mean the "Cut The Crap" lineup? The one that had the nerve to write a song titled "We Are The Clash"? While I envy that you were able to see any version of the Clash, I'd rather see Black Flag.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 8:18 AM