Sunday, January 21, 2007
don't mug yourself:
Oh, Jon. Today, on partisan acrimony:
Oh, now you want a cease-fire? How convenient. A cease-fire, of course, is not the same thing as peace. Peace is a long-term accommodation. A cease-fire is a tactical move, usually called for by the losing side in a conflict so it can regather its forces and resume the offensive when the time is right.
Jon, of course, sees through the ruse. And yet... last week... on, um, a different issue:
What's even sillier is judging someone's foreign policy insight solely based on his or her stance on the last war. Over-learning the lessons of the last war is a classic foreign policy blunder. Yet many liberals want to make the lessons of the Iraq debacle the central basis of American foreign policy.
A cynical dove might say, oh, now you want a cease-fire? How convenient.
--Spencer Ackerman
At last! a Streets reference for the title!

Oh, um, good post, too.
Blogger Unknown | 12:43 PM

The GOP are perfectly sincere in asking for bi-partisanship because they have seen that 12 years of rabid partisanship has resulted in the 06 defeat.
Blogger Deep Trunk | 4:37 PM