Saturday, December 16, 2006
the newspapers called in a jailbreak plan, but I know it was suicide:
So, why must JTF-GTMO take a harder line on detainees, Admiral Harris?

He and Colonel Dennis both asserted that Camp 4 — where dozens of detainees rioted during an aggressive search of their quarters last May — represented a particular danger.

Admiral Harris said detainees there had used the freedom of the camp to train one another in terrorist tactics, and in 2004 plotted unsuccessfully to seize a food truck and use it to run over guards.

“Camp 4 is an ideal planning ground for nefarious activity,” he said.

No. I've seen Camp 4 with my own eyes. It's true that it's the least-restrictive camp in Guantanamo Bay's Camp Delta complex. What that means is that there's some communal living and a recreation yard in Camp 4, luxuries unavailable at the other five camps and reserved for the most compliant detainees. But. Any time there's any vehicular movement anywhere in Camp Delta, men with guns are right there. There is no chance -- none at all -- that any plot to hijack anything anywhere in Camp Delta would have a prayer of success. It would be an act of suicide. The idea that the detainees were attempting to do this is either a) a lie, or b) a frightening indicator of their total desperation.

OK, enough blogging. It's time for Ezra's party.
--Spencer Ackerman