Friday, December 22, 2006
I love that dirty water:
Attention THFTNR readers: I'll be in Boston/Cambridge this weekend. If you feel like grabbing a beer on Saturday afternoon with me and Jeff Dubner -- particularly if you want to parse the postseason moves of the Yanks & Sox -- I think we'll be in Central Square. I'll be the short fellow in the Robinson Cano t-shirt perpetually on the verge of getting pummeled by those wishing they could pummel Theo "$70 mil for J.D. Drew? Fuck yeah!" Epstein. Inquiries can be sent to my name (at) gmail-dot-com. See you there.
--Spencer Ackerman
Tip o'the cap for the post title.

Is it wrong that I was giddy when I heard that J.D. had to retake his medical? Tell me that that wouldn't have been the gangsterist move of all time, signing Drew to a deal that he knew he could weasel out of, and then using the size of that contract to convince Dice (and "Rockets") to sign on the (relative) cheap.
Blogger Pooh | 10:34 AM

Dammy - you pick the one weekend we're not in town.
Blogger Ultima Ratio | 7:37 PM