Tuesday, November 21, 2006
If I let you know, you can't tell nobody, I'm talkin bout nobody:

Seriously now: I'm a religious reader of the Weekly Standard's blog, written by Daniel McKievergan, largely because I find it amazing that someone so old and so wild-eyed insane can be so illiterate. And today, he doesn't disappoint, as he cheers the hiring of Marshall Wittmann to Joe Lieberman's communications team. Goody goody all around.

Just one thing, and it's not really apropos of Lieberman. McKievergan really likes John McCain. And that's cool -- so does the Standard, so do lots of people. The thing is, the guy writes about McCain like Johnny Thunders went through Chinese rocks. I don't mean to be a journo schoolmarm, but shouldn't he have some kind of disclaimer saying he used to work for McCain? Seems, you know, pertinent.
--Spencer Ackerman