Thursday, November 23, 2006
Fuck this city! Run by pigs! They're taking the rights away from all you kids!:
A big Thanksgiving FUCK YOU to the traffic-enforcement cops who keep ticketing my motherfucking car. Do you see that Zone One sticker in the windshield, motherfucker? That means I CAN PARK HERE. FUCK YOU.
--Spencer Ackerman
Understand it: we're fighting a war we can't win. They hate us, we hate them.

But seriously, this is a ticket bonanza for the local constabularly. In the last few hours, my guests have gotten four tickets on three vehicles. Thank God -- and Governor Romney -- that there aren't tolls west of 128 any more.
Blogger TheWaldganger | 2:28 PM

The good news is that the District's appellate process seems to work in these circumstances.
Blogger t.s. | 12:30 PM