Wednesday, October 18, 2006
stumble over tombstone shoes, i go for a kiss but it's too soon:
Ogged thinks we should rename The Heart of Dupont -- I didn't know Capps called our place The Awesome House of Bloggers -- Chez Blog. I'm open to it, but for the record, the reason for the name is that the brokers who showed Capps and Yglesias the place falsely assured them that it was located in the "heart of Dupont Circle," which is at least a mile away. But we can't expect everyone to know that, so that's a knock against the name.

Yet there's something to having an inside joke christen your house. During my sophomore year at Rutgers, the crappy apartment I shared on Somerset Street -- the future home of buddy and porn-empress Joanna Angel (if it needs to be said, NSFW) -- was called the Disco Casino. Why? Well, in "Spanish Bombs," Joe refers to "Spanish weeks in my disco casino," and for the life of me, I have never heard nor seen nor patronized a disco casino, and I would not have the Clash succumbing to a betrayal of verisimitude. By proclaiming the Heart of Dupont to exist at our Florida Avenue digs, I think that, much like Moshe Levinger (and, depending on your views of gentrification, perhaps as perniciously), we establish the facts.
--Spencer Ackerman