Wednesday, October 18, 2006
No truce, no mercy, no surrender, no rest, no more. This is war.:
Megan, don't worry about us not having a good Mid October Party. I have no idea who you are, but you are officially banned from the Heart of Dupont.
--Spencer Ackerman
I enjoyed your party very much. I am sorry I offended you. I hope to meet and tell you so in person, although I am guessing it won't be at your very nice house.
Blogger Megan | 12:40 PM

Spencer, I think you've gone overboard. Megan's an engineer, cut her some slack.

Being a long time engineer myself, I can attest that sometimes we engineers speak too quickly - our opinions rest to close to our tongues, so to speak.

Besides, Megan's parties sound totally cool.

And I would LOVE an invitation to the Heart of Dupont. (how hard is the improbability drive working at the moment?)

Blogger Jake - but not the one | 12:52 PM