Thursday, March 27, 2008
that's gangster you know me, i talk it cause i live it:
The folks at RNN were kind enough to send embeddable video of me from last night's appearance. I'm up at about 2:40. I thought it would be pretty gangster not to change into TV-acceptable clothes. But now I realize that these days my style is inclining back toward basement-hardcore. Though apparently these days the basement-hardcore set is all about the war and has grown rather sophisticated about the media.
God, subject-verb agreement, Ackerman! Don't lose your train of thought and then compensate for it by packing yet another clause onto that interminable sentence! Meanwhile, it's time for a haircut. You think that's a good picture of me? Are you some sort of underminer?
--Spencer Ackerman
It's OK...we've had O'Hanlon on - with a tie - and it didn't make him look (or sound) any smarter.
(PS - glad you like the video)
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