Sunday, March 09, 2008
silence now, the night has fallen:
Gershom Gorenberg just started a new blog, South Jerusalem, that you should read. An example of the subtlety and humanity of Gershom's writing comes from his eloquent reflections on the Merkaz HaRav murder:
The sound of the newspaper page as I turn it is a whisper: The season of killing has not ended. There was a lull, like a few sunny days in the midst of the winter rains in Jerusalem. We must think about whether the children should ride the bus, whether to set appointments in cafes. I went and had coffee this morning anyway on Emek Refaim. An act of sumud, sticking to the soil.

Of course there has not even been a lull in the killing in Gaza or in Sderot. The dead of one’s own city are more noticeable, and the dead of one’s own side: No Israeli paper prints a long line of pictures of those who died on a given day in Gaza. The one-sided mourning is inevitable, and is a dangerous illusion. The tragedies are indivisible.
--Spencer Ackerman