Friday, March 21, 2008
pussywhipped! pussywhipped! don't you know you're pussywhipped:
I had this girlfriend in college who was fascinated by S.O.D.'s song "Pussywhipped." To her, it was an unintentionally hilarious glimpse into the dude-psyche. You could find her during moments of silence humming under her breath, pu-ss-y-whipped, pu-ssy-whipped, donchu know you're pussywhipped.

And, you know, fair point. I've done things for women. Many things. Things that I wouldn't otherwise have done. Humiliations I wouldn't have otherwise endured. Aggravations I wouldn't have otherwise experienced. But do you know what that's actually called? Human interaction.

Anyway, long way of saying: Moe kind of nails it, and calls out a friend in the process.
--Spencer Ackerman
I swear to you, when i read Moe's post at Jezebel, the first ting I thought was: does this have something to do with her budding dalliance with our favorite tnr-expat? I would of commented it there, but I, sadly, am too lazy to register with ay damndable Nick Denton site.
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