Friday, March 21, 2008
knives out:
Episode 2 of Top Chef: The rise of Peregrin Took. Like I said last week, the early episodes are filled with misdirection. You don't know who's actually a good chef. Too many characters, so you can't get invested in any of them. Peregrin Took is an airhead, but now they're suggesting he's a diamond in the rough. Also, Andrew and Spike are the same character, so one of them has to go. Too early to guess which one. Yuzu and Mint glacier? Great idea, even though Andrew won for the ceviche. Which was also a good idea.

Rachel Dratch had to go. (Amuse-Biatch named her thus.) And Bravo is getting way too predictable with the foreshadowing. Ever notice how whenever you see a contestant working out, s/he's like two episodes at most from elimination? Think about it. Cynthia (though she quit). Betty. Tre. Sandee. The only exception I can think of is Elia. You never saw Hung, Harold or Ilan work out.
--Spencer Ackerman