Sunday, March 02, 2008
i'm telling tim:
Yglesias is impressed with this line, from Jonathan Kulick: "The National Review of hardcore zines, Maximum Rock’n’Roll, ... ." Eh, sorry, wide of the mark.

National Review is nowhere near as dogmatic about conservatism as MRR is about punk/HC. NR is a coalition magazine. You've got your Derbyshires and your Ledeens. In 1993, MRR essentially redefined punk rock to exclude a ton of stuff, leading to the birth of Punk Planet and HeartattaCk to champion excluded or underappreciated sub-genres and challenge the MRR hegemony. The proper analogy is to The Weekly Standard (and even that is more eclectic than it seems, as, for instance, Matt Labash appears disinterested to hostile toward neoconservatism) or to The American Conservative -- magazines that insist their blend of conservatism is the One True Path.
--Spencer Ackerman
Ok, fine. I stopped reading MRR in 1993--and what is this "Weekly Standard" you speak of? My analogy was more that Tim Yo = WFB, in the hold they had over their readers. Also, Flipside = The National Interest, Suburban Voice = Policy Review, Forced Exposure = The New Criterion, and The Big Takeover = First Things. Discuss.
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