Monday, March 10, 2008
i get money:
Interesting Gawker comment.
If you've ever stepped foot inside the Flophouse, you know it to be a really dirty, dirty place. When they all turn 30, they'll start to wonder why they're still dirt poor and why they wasted their 20s on nasty couches hanging out with Yglesias.
I don't know who this asshole is, but yes, the Flophouse is dirty. The couches, however, are not. And my only regret is not spending my 20s in comment threads hating on people I read about while bitchily acting like I know them personally.
--Spencer Ackerman
I was visiting my rents this weekend and my mother, who picked up the NY Times since she knows I get a subscription in DC, noted that several DC bloggers were on the front page of the Styles section. In typical mother fashion she suggested, "maybe one day that will be you." Yes, perhaps one day I will be lucky enough to have some anonymous tool rip on me as well. Screw the Gawker commenter.
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