Tuesday, March 25, 2008
everyone wants to be like me i'm naked and famous:
If you like internet radio and you like me and you like me calling Steve Hayes and Jeff Goldberg a sack of douches and you like discussing the Obama Doctrine, then you'll like:

Tomorrow at 12:15 pm, I'll be on Antiwar Radio to talk Hayesberg. Then at 4:30 pm, I'll be on PRI's Fair Game to talk Obama Doctrine. And on Saturday at 10 am, I'll be on Bill Scher's Liberal Oasis radio to talk more Obama.

Remember, TV bookers: I'm right here. Day or night. Roll with the winners, baby! That's a Re-Up Gang reference. I promise not to make such references on camera.
--Spencer Ackerman
FYI: They don't use cameras for radio, Spence.
Blogger Charlie | 3:14 PM

That comment was for the *TV bookers,* my fine friend.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 3:31 PM

Mr. Ackerman. Please don't do business with the likes of Justin Raimondo and antiwar.com

The guy thinks Israel knew about 9-11 in advance. You once wrote an article about the whackos of the anti war movement like Galloway and Fonda.

You are better than those guys.
Blogger forgottentalkingpoints | 3:44 PM

Huh? They do? I don't know anything about them.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 5:08 AM