Sunday, February 24, 2008
now i smile like a proud dad watching his only son that made it:
The New York Times recognizes the game-changer that is TPM. Even prints two photos of the Flower Station, in which you can see the backs of such famous reporters as Paul Kiel and Eric Kleefeld. The dude in the red shirt? Psychokiller Ben Craw. I don't see Rachel Weiner, Sargent Slaughter or Andrew Golis in there, which is unfortunate.

Meanwhile, Sig Gissler is acting a bitch:
Sig Gissler, the administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes, said in an e-mail message that online articles are eligible for the awards, but they must have been published on a weekly or daily newspaper’s Web site.

“A freestanding Web site does not qualify,” he said.
The gates must be crashed!
--Spencer Ackerman