Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Look at us, we formed a band:
It's official. The announcement is here. Rory from The N** Y*** T**** and I are now rock brothers. We are The Surge. In 2008, The Surge will come to the shores of America. You must support it.

We will start from the arterial stretches of the District, secure them, and oil-spot our way outward. First up: on March 15 -- yes, the Ides of March -- The Surge will take the Velvet Lounge on U Street, as part of a coalition with our allies the Stalking Horses and the City Veins. There will be additional announcements, and perhaps MP3s, as we approach D-Day.
--Spencer Ackerman
Something that makes me wish I was back in the District. Perhaps in March the Velvet won't be the sweatbox it is in high summer, like from May on.

Post scans of any fliers you do.
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