Saturday, February 23, 2008
i got that work:
Did you know there's another Clipse mixtape this year? That's right -- "Got Snow?" for 31 Degreez. It's a couple tracks that appear on We Got It For Cheap 3 but waaaaaaay more that don't. I just put it on for the first time. Don't know where you can DL it, as I got mine (for cheap!) from Mixtape Kings.

Update: Holy shit. "Grindin' Part 2" featuring NORE and -- wait for it -- Baby & LOL Wayne.

Update: Wow. Pusha: "It shames me to no end/ to feed poison to those who could very well be my kin/ But when there's demand/ someone will supply/ So I feed them their needs and at the same time cry/ Yes, it pains me to seem them need this/ all of 'em lost souls, and I'm their Jesus/ It was regretted, sympathy to the streets/ I see no pain for their fix when their kids couldn't it/ and with this in mind, I still didn't quit/ and that's how I know that I ain't shit." Wow.
--Spencer Ackerman
That Grindin' remix was on Lord Willin', cuz I'd never forget a verse that mentions "13 South cross the bay bridge with it..."

This ain't a re-up... just a purple-top re-packaged as a yellow-top.
Blogger themarkpike | 9:48 AM
Blogger Marc Hogan | 10:29 AM

Yeah, there's old stuff on here. But Mark, why hate on Got Snow? Did you hear that song with 2/3 of the Lox?

I only have snippets of Lord Willin owing to the iniquities of my internet capacity viz. my torrent-client requirements. But I do love hearing Wayne rap next to the Clipse when maybe a fifth of WGIFC 3 is devoted to threatening his life.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 10:33 AM