Wednesday, December 26, 2007
God in his wisdom made you understand:
According to Wikipedia, Jonah Goldberg is 38 years old. I hold this book in my hand and think: a man on the cusp of his 40th birthday wrote this. A grown man, and not a boy, wrote this:

There was much about McCarthy that was fascistic, including his conspiratorialism, his paranoid rhetoric, his bullying, and his opportunism; but those tendencies did not come from the conservative or classical liberal traditions. Rather, McCarthy and McCarthyism came out of the progressive and populist traditions.


Today, liberals remember the progressives as do-gooders who cleaned up the food supply and agitated for a more generous social welfare state and better working conditions. Fine, the progressives did that. But so did the Nazis and the Italian Fascists. And they did it for the same reasons and in loyalty to roughly the same principles.

The real victim of this book isn't American liberalism. It's young Lucy Goldberg. Every child is endowed with the right to believe his or her father is the smartest man alive. To take that away is sheer brutality. 
--Spencer Ackerman
Jonah has a daughter? He doesn't even have the "bag of sand" excuse??
Blogger Ken Houghton | 12:36 PM

At least Lucy's father isn't Mark Noonan - Now THAT guy is the family-sized portion of stupid with extra toppings.
Blogger StealthBadger | 10:15 AM