Wednesday, June 20, 2007
like asking an orphan to shut the fuck up:
It's been forever since I posted here, what with all the Muckraking, but Andrew points to a stunning revelation about one of Mitt Romney's children. Says Tagg Romney:
The column claims we are more Brady Bunch than Simpsons, obviously oblivious to the fact that I get most of my expressions from Ned Flanders, that Ben named his high school band (he was a drummer) after Milhouse (who in turn was named after Richard Milhouse Nixon, in whose cabinet my grandfather served as Secretary of HUD), that my son Thomas is as mischevious as Bart and my daughter Allie as smart as Lisa, or that my son Joe has an appetite for jelly doughnuts. (My emphasis)
Oh, if only. The Only Milhouse That Matters was a Satan-worshipping hardcore band from Long Island in the mid-90s. Do Mormons have the equivalent of Rumspringa? Was that a Romney child at the PWAC?
--Spencer Ackerman