Wednesday, May 16, 2007
we're on the edge of burma:
Interesting note in the Combatant Status Review Tribunal transcript of Majid Khan (PDF), who's accused of being an associate of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's and likely asset for a post-9/11 attack inside the U.S.:
If I was so anti-American, why would I help the FBI catch an illegal Pakistani immigrant named "SHAFEEQ" in the mid of 2002. Certainly al-Qaida lovers would rather die than do what I did.

After catching SHAFEEQ, the FBI called me to thank, to say thank you for your assistance.
Verification or refutation of this from the FBI would be something the tribunal could easily obtain. If true, it wouldn't be dispositive of Khan's terrorist connections, but it would merit some serious explanation for why a KSM associate would cooperate with the FBI.
--Spencer Ackerman