Wednesday, February 21, 2007
the plan keeps coming up again:
A certain pattern emerges. Adam Gadahn. Jose Padilla. John Walker Lindh. And now Daniel J. Maldonado.

All four are Americans who converted to Islam, brought their personal dementia with them, and joined the global jihad. In Maldonado's case, he traveled to Somalia to fight alongside the Islamic Courts Union, presumably leaving behind his banana kiosk. Now the 28-year old Boston-turned-Texan is in U.S. custody awaiting charges. As it should be. It's a dark day when an incarcerated American citizen gets due process and that's, you know, noteworthy.

Anyway, one might begin to conclude that messed-up converts to Islam are the most susceptible cohort of Americans to the jihadist argument. For more on this, see here.
--Spencer Ackerman
The article seems short on any facts that would lead you to think that the man has committed a crime cognizable in U.S. courts, not matter how misguided or deranged he may be.
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