Friday, February 23, 2007
i'm a superstar in a superstar machine:
The Sarah Silverman Program isn't remotely funny, but it has a ton of Mr. Show people on it: Brian Posehn, Jay Johnston, Jill Talley, Becky Thyre and Scott Aukerman were all on the one we TiVo'd. Little known fact! Becky Thyre is married to the brilliant Tony Millionaire. (And apparently the new definition of "little known" includes "featured on IMDB.")
--Spencer Ackerman
You posted this just in time. I see that, several days ago, Thyre's entry on Wikipedia was proposed for deletion, as a "NN Actress" (NN= No name?).

I read Wikipedia but don't know anything about how the place runs. But it would be a shame if a currently working actress of at least some distinction were removed.

Which could happen in a day or so.

Help, Wikipedants!
Blogger riffle | 10:12 PM

I still mourn the loss of Mr. Show, as I do The Ben Stiller Show before it.

Blogger UncommonSense | 11:34 AM