Wednesday, January 24, 2007
i like food, food tastes good:
There was some good heckling at Will Wilkinson's house during the SOTU, which is where I watched it. One arch-heckler, whose name I sadly didn't get, spied a shot of the balcony on MSNBC and remarked, "I think that's... Dikembe Mutombo." No way, I said, there's no chance in hell that Bush would sex Mutombo in the speech. I think that disqualifies me from any analysis.

One thing, though. I could have sworn that Dick Cheney was eating something. He moved his hand up from his desk, covered his mouth, removed his hand -- and then very slowly started to chew, the way my dog does when he savors a treat. Will speculated that he had a Ziploc bag full of Cheerios down there. Anyone else notice this? I will call the White House today and report back.

Afterwards, I joined up with the Flophouse n' Friends at Townhouse Tavern to celebrate Kriston's birthday. As the night progressed, Capps, Catherine, Ficke and myself huddled up and belted out a rendition of "With Or Without You." Needless to say, I have a soul-crushing hangover.
--Spencer Ackerman
I noticed Cheney eating something as well, Spencer. He did reach down and get it and then he had it in his mouth. I suspect it was a mint or something. Also he had a shit-eating grin on his face at one point, looking at someone. Anyone notice this? What was the deal?

Blogger richsheridan | 9:40 AM

I know I can't go without a mint for 39 minutes.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 9:59 AM

It sure looked like a mint or some other type of sucking candy...[insert joke here]
Blogger Eric Martin | 10:49 AM

My wife thought she saw Pelosi eating something shortly before Cheney was eating something. Maybe they were sharing snacks, in a new spirit of nutritive bipartisanship.
Blogger t.s. | 11:00 AM

Seriously, my spouse and I both were thinking that it was nitroglycerin. We were watching him like hawks for the next 10 minutes or so, to see if he was going to keel over. (For you young'uns, check it out:

On the same subject, I have heard that Cheney has had several undisclosed hospitalizations.
Blogger dell | 8:44 PM