Thursday, January 25, 2007
i brush my teeth until they break, until i start bleeding, so when i smile i know i'm finally good enough for you:
Man, is the blogosphere getting swept by seasonal affective disorder? Even John Hinderaker is sounding like he should be screaming into his guitar pickups at a Frail show:
Blogging is overrated, and I, in particular, am overrated. ...

Anyway, it's kind of fun to be overrated--an experience everyone should have at some point in his life.

--Spencer Ackerman
Hinderaker is overrated?

Oh, the modesty!
Blogger shingles | 6:47 AM

Huh. To be so unfortunate.
Blogger Alexander Wolfe | 6:44 PM

Faux modesty in service of ego. Ah, to be such an exemplar of blogging humanity!

(Love the Jawbreaker header).
Blogger Signal to Noise | 10:15 PM