Wednesday, January 03, 2007
hanging on your back, i'm helpless again:
During a section of Todd Purdham's Vanity Fair profile of John McCain dealing with the lingering effects of McCain's torture in Vietnam, there's this lovely item:
One of McCain's aides tells me that two years ago, campaigning with McCain, George W. Bush asked him if the senator would like to work out with him. Told that McCain did not, could not, really "work out," Bush replied, "What do you mean?"

Perhaps it would behoove someone to explain that torture does not exist merely during the period of actual physical or psychological duress, but in fact has consequences for the rest of a person's life.
--Spencer Ackerman
Ugh. In addition to being an idior, he is utterly without empathy. Remember when we had a President who could "feel our pain"?
Blogger  Robert Boyd | 7:58 PM

Remember at the 2k convention, after W was nominated, and they were having their obligatory 'unity' moment on stage? W kept trying to get St. John to do the 'join-raised-hands' routine, and McCain can't raise his arms. After Bush tugs and tugs on McCains arms, you can actually see McCain hiss (I presume) to Dubya: 'I can't raise my arms George!'.
Blogger jonnybutter | 7:17 AM

And yet that didn't stop McCain from voting Yea on the Military Commissions Act. Funny ol' world.
Blogger Ultima Ratio | 7:17 AM