Monday, December 18, 2006
They say the classics never go out of style, but they do, they do:
Welcome to the redesign, courtesy of J'myle, who's a goddamned genius.
--Spencer Ackerman
Great blog, Spencer. But the redesign renders semi-shitty on Firefox, Safari and OmniWeb on a Mac. Your sidebar bleeds text into your posts.
Blogger Damir | 7:21 AM

Hey cool, you're blog looks just like The National Review now. Damn, I meant The New Republic. Whoops...happens all the time.
Blogger Michael Roston | 7:37 AM

Congratulations on the redesign.

Still, as long as there are nits to be picked ...

The title banner at the top reads (on my Internet Explorer 6, Windows XP system) as "Hot For TNR", with nary a "Too" to be seen; it's covered up by the blue bar with the Blogger logo and various options (search this blog, etcetera). If there's anything above the "TNR articles" link, it is similarly hidden.

Also, the Recent Posts all sort of run togetherl if each was followed by an extra half-line or something, it's be easier to read.
Blogger Hillel | 7:44 AM

That was a mean thing to do to people who haven't finished their morning coffee. I was all set to argue with Jason Zengerle before I realized the picture was different and that he's not a yankees fan.

BTW, for formatting (running Firefox under linux), I have good results with smaller type-fonts (It's ctrl-minus sign for me here, and command/apple-minus on a Mac).
Blogger jfaberuiuc | 8:08 AM

What "Warren Terra" said (the damn Blogger search bar covers "Too"), plus the posts don't begin before the end of the left sidebar. So you're just "Hot for TNR," which is wrong in so, so many ways.

We can now start counting down until you hear from TNR's legal staff, demanding that you quit making your site look like theirs.

You have a good defense, though: no one could read your stuff & think it was TNR. Makes too much sense.
Blogger Anderson | 8:43 AM

So you're just "Hot for TNR," which is wrong in so, so many ways.

Yet, in the end, so, so right.
Blogger Pooh | 10:12 AM

FWIW, as of 1:25 PM, looks gorgeous in Firefox 2.0 and totally FUBAR in IE7. For starters, IE7 is rendering the entire post text in gold ALLCAPS until midway thru the Schoomaker post. Looks like all the posts are stuck in the sidebar, since they all have the goldish background. And much, much more.
Blogger nadezhda | 10:29 AM

Hey, it's the famous Nadezhda! I'm honored. Thanks to everyone for pointing out the flaws in the redesign -- your crack THFTNR tech staff is on it. Working tirelessly. For you.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 11:05 AM

All caps? All caps are really hard to read.
Blogger Kyle | 11:44 AM

Whoa -- the blog shows up in all caps to you? That, um, isn't good.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 12:04 PM


Crack tech guy here. And thank you Spencer for calling me that and not an underemployed geek with too much time on his hands: both descriptions are accurate.

The sidebar bleed issue should be resolved as soon as Spencer uploads the lastest version of the template. The "hot for tnr" issue will be less resolved, but I am working on it.

As for IE, I'm sorry about the all-caps. I'm working on that, too, but it's tough because I don't have IE on my computer, and Firefox simply doesn't do counter-intuitive things like carry over the all-caps formatting from the post title to the post itself. (Could Marty P. and Bill G. be in cahoots?)

In the meantime, please keep noting problems on this thread and I'll keep fixing them and/or patiently explaining why they're not going to get fixed.
Blogger J'myle | 12:23 PM

In IE7, the site is a mess (on 12/18). The ALL CAPS drives me away....

Minor issue, having only the timestamp and no datestamp on comments kinda presumes all comments are from the same day - which in the general case will not be true.
Blogger JimPortlandOR | 1:16 PM

The all-caps thing is fixed. Now I got to go to work and make a living, but I'll add the date & time to comments in a later fix. Anything else?
Blogger J'myle | 1:23 PM

Oh, and the link to Kirston's blog not working? That, like the Thirty Years War, is not my fault.
Blogger J'myle | 1:28 PM

(Since we were specifically invited to continue mentioning any issues ...)

The title of the first post is cut off by the blog title's box above it.

And the All Caps is not fixed yet.

Both these comments are reflecting what I see with IE 6 and Windows XP. If I were less lazy - or if I were more hip - I'd be using Firefox.
Blogger Hillel | 1:47 PM

This is a petty thing, but in Firefox 2.0 the last part of SPENCERACKERMAN leaves the name box and juts out into the text. Other than that, it looks pretty nice.
Blogger joedokes | 2:04 PM

j'myle -- Still a problem with everything stuck in the sidebar in IE6 and IE7.

The ALLCAPS didn't get fixed but I think I know what your problem is. Because the ALLCAPS text suddenly becomes normal in the middle of the Schoomaker post, I think you've got some sort of extra html around about there, which is turning all of the posts (and their affiliated comments) above that point on the front page into a different div or class. You see that sometimes on Blogspot and Typepad with italics, where an open "i" or "em" is missing the "/i" or "/em" and all the posts or comments thereafter are in ital until someone finds the open "i" or "em".

I strongly recommend you install IE and get yourself the Firefox extensions that allow you to flip a page back and forth between IE and Firefox with a right click to the context menu for a page. (Note: it's not the "display this page always in IE" extension.) Once you have the extension installed, it's a nobrainer to see the effect of each change you make in the css or template. And it's the only way you'll ever find the stupid little things in IE that will keep get your site from displaying properly in the two browsers. I know it's maddening, but there we are.

FWIW, Spencer's name is spilling slightly to the right out of the sidebar on my Firefox 2.0.

Hope that helps you solve the problems.

It really does look great in Firefox. Congrats to you and Spencer!
Blogger nadezhda | 2:40 PM

The all-caps explosion is also present in the latest version of Opera, so it's not an IE7-specific problem.
Blogger T.H. | 3:33 PM

OK, I hope this is all good now. J'myle is a friggin genius.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 4:11 PM

Okay, when I come to individual posts via a feed reader (Sage, in my case) I get no comments and no link by which to see the comments. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that ain't normal.
Blogger jhupp | 7:59 PM

Allcaps issue fixed in IE6, but still got an issue with the blog title. Should be some way to insert blank space at the outset to push it down past the Blogger search bar?
Blogger Anderson | 9:25 AM