Monday, December 18, 2006
Every cell in Chile will tell the cry of a tortured man:
Eric puts on my jam! No offense to George, with whom I'm friends and have absolutely no beef.
--Spencer Ackerman
Congrats on the new look, but the font should be a lttle darker to provide a better contrast with the background. I'm finding this a little hard to read.
Blogger Farinata X | 12:05 PM

Are you talking about the font for the links in the sidebar or the font for the text of the blog itself? If it's the former, that's taken directly from TNR's site and can be changed if enough people have trouble with it. But if it's the latter, there's something wrong with your monitor or settings, because the blog itself is black text on white background--as high-contrast as it gets.
Blogger J'myle | 12:28 PM

Cool, getting to comment directly to the designer. Just so you know, when using a pretty normal sized font, the "SPENCERACKERMAN" in the sidehead runs over the allowed width (123 pixels if I read the very funny style sheet correctly, props about that). Also, the date at the very top of the page sits too low to fit completely inside the extension of the tan bar across the top. It looks like it would work wither with the text higher or the bar extending lower. Cool, cool design, of course. "The ship is on fire" is great.
Blogger jfaberuiuc | 1:22 PM

The flames on the ship need to be flamier...
Blogger brad | 1:45 PM