Wednesday, November 29, 2006
carnivores live for pleasure, strike out like a wolf's endeavor:
Only two episodes of The Wire to go, but HBO is making my dreams come true in other respects. Apparently, it's getting ready to produce a show based on the greatest non-Neil Gaiman comic book of the 1990s -- Preacher:
The series -- which developed a rabid fan base -- was known for tackling religious and political issues, its dark and violent sense of humor and its observations of American culture. It also was one of the series that helped define Vertigo, the adult-oriented line of comics from DC Comics.
Ohhhhh dude. Look, come on, now. What we need to see is James Marsters playing Cassidy. Screw typecasting. I'm sorry, but this really must be done. If Marsters can convince me he's an English vampire, he can convince me he's an Irish vampire.

Who could play Jesse? Or Tulip? Or Starr? If I was casting director, and I had an unlimited budget, Starr would be Willem Dafoe. Jesse would be Jake Gyllenhaal, and not just because when I came home today Capps & Kate were watching Brokeback Mountain. Tulip I'm not so sure about, but for full-0n Buffage, I nominate Emma Caulfield. Allfather D'Aronique I want to see portrayed by The Wire's Robert F. Chew. For Arseface, the natural fit is Frank Foer, just so it's clear to viewers why Arseface's father could never love him and was forever ashamed of him.

In other news, I was at St. Marks Comics in Manhattan today and bought a to-scale muppet of Angel in 'Smile Time' for fifty dollars. He will guard my new office. Details on that coming soon.
--Spencer Ackerman
But which muppet Angel? My girlfriend has the first version hanging on her wall, but there's also a "battle-damaged" version and a vampire version.
Blogger Zed | 6:34 AM

This is the vamp version.
Blogger Spencer Ackerman | 7:42 AM

This makes my day. I just finished rereading "Preacher" two weeks ago. Now if only someone would option Warren Ellis's "Transmetropolitan"...
Blogger James F. Elliott | 2:09 PM

Looks like Garth Ennis is particularly pissed about the end product. So much so that even Warren Ellis won't reprint his statement about it.
Blogger James F. Elliott | 4:01 PM

who decided to give preacher to the guy who wrote DAREDEVIL? a silly man, that is who!
Blogger Thomas Awful | 5:40 PM

A silly man.
Blogger Fibercement | 2:44 AM