Wednesday, October 25, 2006
I want to break free:
It's been forever since I heard Queen's "I Want To Break Free" outside of a car commercial. Luckily, Andrew posted the YouTube of its video on his blog. Oh my God, what a powerful song: a simple, non-negotiable demand for the dignity we all deserve by virtue of our humanity. Sorry for the corniness, but when Freddie sings "God knows I'm in love," all arguments end.
--Spencer Ackerman
I love that song too, though I'm a big fan of theirs to begin with. Weird video: half cross-dressing, half ballet. I think the cross-dressing part was designed as a spoof of a popular British TV show of the time.

My favorite Queen song that nobody knows about is The Millionaire Waltz, from the mid '70s. Anyone who ever liked Bohemian Rhapsody but soured on the massive overplaying it got from Wayne's World (though I still love that song too) should listen to Millionaire Waltz. It's the most BR-like song they ever did after the original.
Blogger Haggai | 11:11 AM

I'm glad there are others out there unashamed of their love of that tune. I'm usually a fan of their later stuff, but that song is damn catchy. For my favorite Queen song no one has heard of, I'd choose either In the Lap of the Gods or She Makes me off of Sheer Heart Attack. I like the early Queen, before they really took off in their pop direction.
Blogger Shane | 1:10 PM

In the Lap of the Gods (and the reprise) don't do all that much for me. Of the few other times they made a foray into pretentious art rock, The Prophet's Song is the one that I think came out the best, although they went overboard with that acappella section that goes on forever.

When I got the box set of their first 8 or so albums (The Crown Jewels), the best song of the ones I'd never heard before was definitely Dreamer's Ball, from Jazz, which is really great. And "Who Needs You" from News of the World should be far better known, that song rules.
Blogger Haggai | 1:56 PM