Wednesday, October 25, 2006
The drama you've been craving: II:
Mike Calderone wrote about the firing in today's Off The Record for the New York Observer. Lots of great Frank quotes, lots of me quotes. An abridged recounting of the now-infamous "skullfucking" incident. Also, Marty says I had no right to call someone a fool on The Plank on account of my age, yet somehow it's OK to call the checkout girl at the supermarket an anti-semite.
--Spencer Ackerman
Best Peretz quote ever? Because his own writing has shown SO much growth over the years:

“I think he’s a little bit childish,” Mr. Peretz said, speaking of Mr. Ackerman’s online work for the magazine. “He didn’t grow, in my estimation.”

Just when you think he couldn't get any more parody-proof. There's almost no Onion-esque statement one could satirically attribute to Peretz that he hasn't already made himself in real life.
Blogger Haggai | 7:01 AM

I dunno Haggai, I like the fact that the word "fool" is too shrill for TNR. Shoulda used "wanker" instead, that would have blown a few gaskets in peretz's head...
Blogger Shane | 1:22 PM

The bit about the "baseball bat" exchange is weird--the way it's presented, an unmistakable joke is made to sound like it might have been an actual threat.
Blogger Julian | 3:55 PM